Band books & updates about me

Hey guys! Long time no post. Sorry! BTW, I hate when people online are like “long time no see” because you don’t really see the people you’re blogging or vlogging to.

Anyway, today I’m writing about music books. You know those books that tell you how to start a band and write songs and stuff. But they never really tell you about the connection part. Personally, I think if you don’t have a connection as friends or best friends, I don’t think you should be in a band together. I mean, why bother having a band if you can’t even connect? I think a strong friendship is an important bond bands all need to have.

Okay, now  that I’m done rambling about bands, half to three quarters of the readers are probably wondering how I’ve been. I assume this because if you’re reading this you’re probably a family member, a friend, or a spammer. I also assume that the spammers are the ones who don’t give a chiz about my life. So, I’ve been good lately I’ve reacenly hit my goal of saving 50$ thanks to babysitting, and opening my piggy bank. (I had over 15$ worth of coins in there). So that’s good. I’m also half exited about middle school. Half meaning half exited and the other half nervous. There’s just going to be a lot of change next year.


I know this has been a long post, so I’ll let you go. Bye!


Christmas & New Year’s

So the holidays are coming soon again. What do you celebrate? Shout out to people who celebrate Hanuka. Sorry I’m late.

I celebrate Christmas. I’m so exited! I love tearing open presents. But I also love stockings; the little things such as tissues, socks, cds , they’re really useful.

But I love giving. I love planning who gets what and choosing perfect items. Oh, and you can’t forget the tree- lovely ornaments.

So, we’re getting close to 2014! Year of the horse. (My animal). What are your resolutions? I’ll have to think of some. Also, the winter Olympics are coming. Who’s exited now?


Have fun!



So Halloween is almost here and I’m super exited! It’s my favorite holiday/celebration/what ever you wanna call it. I don’t love Halloween only because of the Candy, (which is nice,) but I love planning my costume and dressing up! I guess I’m just a spooky girl. Hey, at least I’m not a vampire. But who ever said that? 

Photo Day

Photo day. A day where little girls and boys sit in a chair with a rosy little smile. Recently, my class got our photos back and half our class hated the photos. I mean, there’s no self expression. In my school we’re allowed to wear hats but not at photo day. It’s hard to imagine some people without hats. It’s really unfair too. You’re not even allowed to pose how you want. My opinion is that you can express yourself better with taking your own picture.

Grade 6

School recently started and now I’m in grade 6. I’m in the top of my school and I’m the second oldest in my school because I go to a very small school where there are only 2 grade 6s.

For me it’s been super weird because the other grade 6 hasn’t been here yet so I’m like the only grade 6 with a bunch of grade 5s. Don’t get me wrong, I mean grade 5s are awesome. But it just gets weird for me sometimes.

Since my school is so small, there aren’t a lot of extra curiculars; I keep wondering if I should even do cross country. *Sighs*

New Moon


I’ve been on New Moon Girls  for about a year now, and I’ve recently been excepted as a girl editor!

New Moon started as a print magazine for girls aged 8-12. Now, it also has a social network and website where girls can write stories, chat and much more. Everything is moderated and super safe.  Please visit the site and join.

I love New Moon so much!  I hope you do too!

Stereotypes about Canadians

(Sort of a response to

We all live in igloos. Well, a while ago like i don’t know, like 1600s, some native groups lived in igloos, yes. But first of all, we are not all First Nations, there are other races. Second, that was centuries ago! I mean some people might still, but not very many.

We all live with polar bears in our lovely igloos. I’m Canadian and I’ve only seen pictures of polars. I have never seen a real life polar before.

We only eating maple syrup and bacon. Sorry world, but there such thing as other animals; and vegans/vegetarians. We eat a lot of the same things that americans do and we eat a lot of different food from all over the world.

Winter comes every month. No. Just No. Um… I get offended from this. I mean yes it gets cold but it does get up over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees fahrenheit).

We’re so polite, We have such good manners. Do you know how many rude Canadian people I know? Oh no one understands…

Now have a nice day! Would you like me to help you get out of your chair? What about some tea? After that, we can visit all my polar bear friends in my igloo that never melts because it’s always winter!

Gender Splendour

So a couple days ago, I went on a field trip with my school as part of our Gender Splendour Week. It was for grades 3-6 to go to the mall to find gender stereotypes. We went to this one store, and it was like boys section was all blue and girls section was all pink. I thought that it was really sexist and we should stop putting colours on gender. Anyone can like what they want!